Carrington Living and Learning Community

What We Do

The Carrington Living & Learning Community began for students who have previously struggled in their academic careers. This Community Learning Program provides students with the opportunity to receive additional support to serve your academic learning styles better.

Who We Are

We want you to be a member of the Quinnite Nation. Some of our entering Quinnites need additional support due to the following:

  • Conditional acceptance to Paul Quinn College
  • An undergraduate student who is returning with a grade point average below a 1.8.
  • Academic Probation or a Student who has not met Satisfactory Academic Progress

How it works

To ensure academic success, the Carrington Plan has set expectations that are non-negotiable and must be followed to ensure educational advancement and enrollment at the College. Students on the Carrington Plan must meet the following requirements each semester:

  1. Bi-Weekly Academic Meetings with the Advising Coordinator
  2. Weekly Study Hall Attendance with Academic Tutors in the Designated Carrigton Space
  3. Academic Progress Reports
  4. Monthly Programing Events with guest speakers
  5. 90% attendance to courses, study hall, curfew, and work college.
  6. Maintain the behavior expectations set forth by the Student Code of Conduct.
  7. How do I complete the Carrington Program?

Upon completion of the expectations mentioned above, students should obtain:

  • A Grade Point Average of a 3.5 for the CURRENT SEMESTER


  • A Grade Point Average of a 3.0 for two consecutive semesters

This commitment will require you to push beyond your limitations while also helping you grow into a Quinnite Scholar. By the end of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion and additional opportunities that will increase your college experience that will help you succeed in life and beyond.

Our Students Lead

Carrington Council

The Carrington Council started for Quinnites who are current students on the Carrington Plan who want to implement change and have an active voice about their academic learning experience. This peer-led Council focuses on creating success for students by listening to other Quinnites and providing Carrington Students with other opportunities to succeed.

Our Goal

This is our first semester with the Carrington Council, and we need your help. Our goals are to keep students motivated during long study nights and help students stay focused on their academics. We know this journey can be tough and we want to make sure we support students along the way by engaging you in the following ways:

  • Carrington Council can write in how they plan to help their peers
  • Meet the council
Joined the Carrington Plan Council because he realizes the potential he has to excel academically. Currently being on the Carrington plan, he understands the difficulty of work and academics. He commits to listening to the needs of the Carrington students on a holistic level. Christian commits to collaborating with faculty and staff to add additional study halls and tutoring opportunities to help students academically to stay on track to graduate within 4 to 5 years. He wants to continue to grow the program by creating a mentoring portion of the program so that students whom have graduated from the plan have an opportunity to encourage and support those currently on the program. As the elected representative for the Student Government Association, he plans to incorporate a partnership to increase opportunities for Carrington students to engage on campus and with President Sorrell. One fun fact about Christian is that he loves baseball!

Meet Jermonde Banks. Jermonde is a  student here at Paul Quinn College majoring in Business. He enjoys playing sports, video games and dancing. If you need support in math he is a great resource to have. Jermonde loves to talk and meet new people, so if you see him around campus do not be afraid to approach him and say hello. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking in the dorms. As a member of the Carrington Council, he wants to help students have a great college experience. He wants students to know that the Carrington plan can help you grow as a person as well as in your academics. He plans to work with students by creating a warm and welcome environment. He believes that all students’ should have a safe place to be themselves and to learn from one another. One fun fact about Jermonde is that he has over 35 nicknames. When you see him on campus feel free to ask him about his fun fact!

Adara Jackson joined the council because she believes Carrington sets the foundation for establishing key practices necessary to succeed in college. She believes the Carrington Plan is a stepping stone to transition from the micromanagement of parental guidance to an individual accountability to emphasize the importance of time management both socially and academically.
Her personal experience with the program, allows her to lend and influential voice and inspire her peers to view this as an opportunity that allows them to prove not only to the staff, but more importantly themselves what they are capable of. She is here to offer a listening ear as well as be a positive reinforcement to keep those motivated to push themselves even through their hardships.
Adara is currently working on changing the emphasis of the Carrington Plan. Her goal is to provide students an opportunity to show their commitment to academic success. With the few stones we have set in place, by the time you graduate from this plan you will be able to use these time management skills as assets in both your school and personal lives. She reminds every Quinnite to embrace their areas of growth because without them you would not know your potential!
Adaras’ hobbies include listening to music, singing and spending quality time with family.

Larry Weeks is a second-semester freshman at Paul Quinn College majoring in Liberal Arts/Communications. He’s in great standing with his fellow classmates. Larry makes sure that every student has a voice. He believes that with the support of the Carrington Council, all students will be successful. He joined the Carrington Council to help support his fellow classmates that are a part of the Carrington Plan. Larry wants to encourage everyone to attend all study hall sessions, class, and additional support services through the campus. A fun fact about Larry is that he loves to make people laugh. Larry has the privilege of holding a position on the Carrington Council with three other Quinnites. Lastly, he also participates in the PQC Drumline and PQC Choir.