Non-Traditional Students and GED Recipients

CONGRATULATIONS!  You have taken an important step in improving your quality of life!  The average four-year college graduate earns $1 million more over the course of a lifetime than someone without a degree.  Your path to success starts with these simple steps:

  • Completed online student information form
  • Uploaded high school transcript(s) and/or GED score of at least a 550 average
  • Uploaded letter of recommendation from a community representative such as a business leader, a work supervisor, faith leader, or education leader
  • Uploaded presentable photograph (JPEG no larger than 500KB recommended)
  • Uploaded 400 to 500 word essay on "What a College Degree Means to Me" (Click here for tips on how to write a strong admissions essay.)
  • Interview with a Paul Quinn enrollment management representative either in person, via video, or via phone



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