Paul Quinn College is proud to host Kappa Kamp 2014 June 15-27, 2014!
  • Provide enrichment activities for ages 12-16.
  • Motivate students to seek higher levels of achievement.
  • Expose students to activities rich in cultural information and experiences.
  • Develop students' reading, writing, and speaking skills while involved in each camp.
  • Provide experiences that focus on science technology and survival.
  • Allow campers to make friends from around the world in a structured, safe environment.
  • Provide a spiritual faith-based atmosphere for human growth and development.
  • Provide character education and citizenship in an ethical environment.
Deputy Chief of Staff to Grand Polemarch
Kappa Kamp Director
Maurice West - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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