Nurse Glenda Davis, Paul Quinn College Health & Wellness Center
Nurse Glenda Davis, LVN
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Dr. Luis Palacios, Paul Quinn College Health & Wellness Center
Luis Palacios, M.D.
Available every Wednesday, 2:30-4 p.m.


Student Union Building 129
Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

The Paul Quinn College Health and Wellness Center provides quality accessible primary health and emergency care in a professional timely matter with quality customer service.  It provides communication with the students to help them to be responsive to the changes in today’s health, and it provides a campus experience that engages students in a vibrant campus life, encourages pride in being a Quinnite, and ultimately forging lifetime connections to the College to create effective servant leaders.

Health and Wellness provides health care to all students, faculty and staff.  Health services are provided by a Licensed Vocational Nurse and a Medical Doctor who provides free medical treatment one half day weekly.  Primary medical and emergency services are available daily, Monday thru Friday; 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

The center dispenses only over-the-counter medication.  If needed, external medical appointments can be made by the campus nurse during office hours.  When a student receives external medical treatment, his/her co-pay is expected by the clinic or ER providing medical treatment at that time.  If a student takes prescribed medication he/she is responsible for taking the medication and acquiring the refill as needed.  Some medication can be refilled by Paul Quinn's doctor.

We suggest Baylor Hospital and Methodist Central Hospital Emergency Rooms for emergency treatment.  The student or PQC's doctor may choose his/her primary care provider.  Care Now is a choice for primary emergency medical treatment use after health services have closed on campus and on weekends.

Paul Quinn College promotes good health through campus events and programs in collaboration with the Dallas County Health Department, Dallas County Health and Human Services, ImmTrac Texas Immunization Registry, AIDS Arms Inc., UNT South Western Hospital Research, Parkland Women’s Clinics, Blutt Flowers Women Clinic, Methodist Hospital Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention Program, the Susan B. Komen Foundation, Baylor Hospital, the Be The Match Donor Program, the American Red Cross, the Parkland Nutritional Dietician Health Program, the American Heart Association, and STD/HIV awareness.  Information to promote healthy living is available in the Health and Wellness Center.

Paul Quinn College provides confidentiality under the HIPPA LAW.  Students' health records are only released with a witness's signature or a court order.  All medical records are confidential through the nurse and doctor.  The only time confidentiality is broken is if the student becomes a threat to the campus or him or herself.  The president of the College, the Dean of Students and the Vice President of Academic Affairs would be notified for proper and appropriate action to be taken.

Health records and information are needed before a student can enroll (access forms here).  Texas state law that requires “all new students entering a public, private, or independent institution of higher education in Texas beginning in January 2012 must provide proof of immunization for bacterial meningitis” (Senate Bill 1107) before before beginning classes. The law applies to all new and transfer students under 30 years of age entering college. Please submit proof of vaccination at least ten (10) days before moving into campus housing or before the first day of class. Students cannot move into the dormitory or register for classes until they have provided proof of meningitis and all other required vaccinations.  Students at least 30 years of age are exempted from the meningitis shot.  All immunization records have to be up-to-date with in the last ten (10) years.  It is possible that a physical can be provided on campus.  Health records can be mailed or faxed to the Health and Wellness Center to the attention of Nurse Davis.

Insurance is required for all students. Paul Quinn College offers all students insurance.  All student athletes must take the College's insurance.  Any student who has personal insurance or coverage from a parent’s insurance must provide proof of coverage along with identification and a copy of an insurance card at time of registration.  Students must provide proof of coverage in order to waive the College's coverage.  Out-of-state students are encouraged to check with their insurance providers about Texas health care providers. 

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