Should I wait until after I have been accepted to Paul Quinn College to apply for financial aid?
No, you should apply as early as possible using the College's code 003602.

What if I have not made up my mind about the college I want to attend?
You may list up to six schools that you are interested in attending when applying for the FAFSA.  List Paul Quinn College as one of the schools you want your financial aid information to go.  All schools that you list will receive the FAFSA information necessary to begin processing your financial aid.

Does Paul Quinn College have a Financial Aid Priority Processing Deadline?
No, Paul Quinn College does not have a Financial Aid Priority Processing Deadline.  As long as you have completed your FAFSA and have turned in all requested documents, the financial aid office will process your financial aid and work with you on tuition payments.

If there is no priority deadline, why should I apply as early as possible?
You should apply for financial aid as early as possible because you may have a greater chance of receiving additional scholarship funds.  All colleges have a limited pool of various institutional, federal, and state funds.  These funds are awarded to those who qualify on a first come/first serve basis until funds are exhausted.

How do I know if Paul Quinn College has processed my financial aid?
A Financial Aid award letter is mailed to you at the address you provided on your FAFSA.  The award letter will inform you as to which funds and how much financial aid you will receive.  You are also welcome to visit or call or email us to inquire about your financial aid.

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