The Office of Personal & Career Development

While the idea of an education preparing one for a career is as old as the Sophists in Greece, it is only recently that American colleges and universities have begun embracing the concept of expanding career placement to include developing the entire person. It is in recognition of the need to attend to every aspect of a student that the Quinnite Nation announces the creation of our Office of Personal and Career Development. The Office of Personal & Career Development guides and inspires Quinnites to dream big and take ownership of their personal and career development with the goal of rigorously preparing them for their post-graduate opportunities. This goal is achieved by (1) creating a “college-to-career” community that is supportive of our students and responsive to their needs and (2) immersing our students in our Work Program.

Among the entities that Quinnites have begun their careers with, or interned for, in the last few years are:

  • General Electric
  • Hunt Oil
  • Amegy Bank
  • Employees’ Retirement Fund, City of Dallas
  • Teach for America
  • St. Philips School and Community Center
  • KIPP TRUTH Academy

If you are an employer interested in developing a relationship with Paul Quinn College, please contact the Office of Personal and Career Development at

The goal is greatness. Greatness for you and those you will serve.

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