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Nithya Govindasamy
Dean of Work Program
Adams Building
Suite 206
Main (214) 379-5517
Fax (214) 379-5559

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Melanie Wagner
Assistant Dean of Work Program
Adams Building
Suite 206
Main (214) 379-5437
Fax (214) 379-5559

Vision Statement

The vision of the Paul Quinn College Work Program is to transform ability into action and potential into achievement by encouraging all students to embrace the ideals of disciplined work, servant leadership, and initiative in preparation for lives of financial freedom, community engagement, and absolute integrity.

The Paul Quinn College Work Program is one component of an innovative educational model committed to the education of the “whole student.” Here at Paul Quinn College, our goal is to create a continuous learning environment in which our students’ education begins in the classroom, but reaches beyond those four walls to every aspect of campus life and culture. Our students are encouraged to actively participate in their learning experiences, to serve each other and their community, and to make no small plans for their futures. The PQC Work Program enables students to excel in all of these areas while working towards reducing their educational debt. 


Participation in the PQC Work Program is mandatory for all full-time residential students. During the academic year, students are required to work a minimum of 10 hours per week for 15 weeks per semester, total 150 work hours per semester. At the start of the semester, a tuition credit in the amount of $2,500 is directly applied to the student’s account to help offset the cost of education. Students must complete the required 150 work hours prior to the last day of work each semester in order to retain the full tuition credit. Additionally, students may be eligible to earn a $500 cash stipend to be used as they choose.

Participation in the Work Program looks different for each student depending on the student’s skill level, interest, and our campus needs. One student may assist administratively in the Registrar’s Office, while another develops networking skills at our Alumni Relations & Development work station, and yet another, reaches beyond the gates of PQC through involvement in the Corporate Work Program. With more than 30 work stations to choose from, our goal is to lead by example by returning our students to their families and communities, better and more well -rounded than we found them.


Each student’s progress is tracked in an official Work Program transcript, which students are encouraged to provide to future employers as evidence of their acquired skills and past evaluations. This component of the Work Program provides PQC students with a professional advantage in a competitive work environment and communicates to potential employers that our students have already been invested in, mentored, trained, and developed.

To that end, each work station is staffed with a supervisor who is committed to ensuring that students perform their jobs well. Even more importantly however, supervisors are primarily charged with developing and mentoring students through uplifting instruction and modeling positive behaviors and attitudes. In some instances, upper level students may also act as student supervisors, especially those students who have proven themselves as leaders in the Qunnite Nation and those who have performed exceptionally well in previous work assignments.


Paul Quinn College hopes to join the ranks of federally funded work colleges in the coming years. When it does, PQC will be the eighth federally funded work college in the United States, the first minority serving institution in the work college consortium, and the only work college in Texas.

The goal is greatness. Greatness for you and those you will serve.

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