To transform the health and well-being of under-resourced communities in southern Dallas by providing fresh, healthy, affordable food options and by educating and empowering future generations to take better care of themselves, their environments, and their communities.


James Hunter
(214) 379-5457


When Paul Quinn College decided to convert its football field into an organic farm, many eyebrows were raised. But the move symbolized the College’s dedication to a team of a different kind – the team of individuals and organizations fighting to end food insecurity and injustice in the United States.

Located in a federally-recognized food desert, the Farm has produced and provided more than 30,000 pounds of organic produce since its inception in March 2010, and no less than 10% of this produce has been donated to neighborhood charitable organizations. The rest supports community members, the College, and restaurants and grocers throughout Dallas.

In addition to providing fresh, healthy, affordable food options for its surrounding residents, the Farm strives to improve communities throughout the metroplex by providing hands-on educational experiences for youth and adults alike to promote healthy eating, improved food access, and environmental stewardship.

Under the guidance of the Farm Manager, the Farm is operated and maintained entirely by Paul Quinn student-employees, who actively engage in all farm activities, from business planning to marketing, and thus serves as a model of socially and environmentally-driven servant leadership and entrepreneurship.

The goal is greatness. Greatness for you and those you will serve.