Campus Expansion

Since 2009, PQC has made tremendous progress towards the goal of becoming one of America’s great small colleges through improvements to the campus. The college has completed $5 million in infrastructure improvements, without increasing the college’s debt.  The following is a brief list of the most notable physical changes:


  • Secured a million gift to demolish 15 abandoned campus buildings.
  • Converted the unused football field into the WE over Me Farm at PQC through a partnership with PepsiCo.
  • Remodeled the gymnasium and student union lounge.
  • Constructed the college’s first “next generation” classroom with the help of a generous donation from an alum. Since then, the college has laid the groundwork to build four additional technology-friendly classrooms, which will become the model for all classrooms on campus moving forward.
  • Completed phase I of the campus green initiative by transforming 10 of the campus’ 22 public restrooms into eco-friendly spaces, featuring low-flow toilets with automatic flush control, touch less faucets, energy efficient lighting, zero-voc paint and reclaimed concrete counter tops.
  • Remodeled the student academic support space.
  • Completed phase I of the “next generation” library renovation with new flooring.
  • Renovated dormitory lounges into living learning centers to support the merge of student and academic life on campus.
  • Remodeled the bathrooms and showers in the main residence hall and made significant renovations to the residence hall’s common hallways.
  • Transformed the unused bookstore into a state-of-the art fitness center for student-athlete conditioning and general use by Quinnites.
  • Entered phase I of the creation of three on-campus living learning cafes.
  • Remodeled offices for the departments of Development, Admissions, Financial Aid and the Executive Suite.

The goal is greatness. Greatness for you and those you will serve.

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