Health Services and Fitness Center

Paul Quinn College is dedicated to promoting and maintaining the health of all enrolled students. The College Health Center is staffed with a full-time licensed vocational nurse, who serves as the Director of Health Services. The health fee entitles you to health care services and counseling care in the Health Center for minor accidents and illnesses. Only a limited supply of medication will be available on campus. Any off campus treatment will be the responsibility of the student. Students who require emergency treatment during hours when the Student Health Center is not open, should contact campus security at (214)379-5599.


The following policies govern the Health Center Services:


  1. Students should care for their needs through the Health Center during office hours – 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. You may contact the center at (214)379-5526.
  2. No student is permitted to remain in a residence hall in any state of illness that might cause harm to another student or self.
  3. All emergencies caused by illness, even those occurring during the night, should be reported immediately to the residence life staff.
  4. The nurse is called to the residence hall only in an emergency; otherwise, the student goes to the Health Center.
  5. Students who need service from the Health Center after office hours are to contact the residence hall staff.
  6. At the earliest sign of colds, sore throat, upset stomach, rash, etc., students are encouraged to come to the Health Center for preventive and early cure medication.
  7. Paul Quinn College has secondary accident insurance for students participating in athletic teams.

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