Life in the Quinnite Nation

What will your experience be like at Paul Quinn College?

It will INSPIRE you.

It will TRANSFORM you.

It will CHALLENGE you.

There are a number of ways in which you can access the full Quinnite experience. Here are a few:

  • Center for Civic Engagement, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership
  • Athletics
    • Basketball
    • Cross Country
    • Soccer
    • Volleyball
    • Soon Lacrosse
  • Residential Life & Dining
  • Work Program
  • Vast array of student organizations
    • Including fraternities and sororities


We expect our student athletes to display greatness in academics, character, servant leadership and sportsmanship. To support Paul Quinn’s standards of academic excellence and character development, student athletes are expected to apply for at least eight scholarships annually and adhere to the College’s code of conduct. Our mission, as an institution, is to see that each student athlete receives a quality education and great career opportunities in addition to seeing that each student athlete represents Paul Quinn College with excellence on the court, track or field.

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The mission of The Center for Civic Engagement, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership is to develop each student into a transformative leader in all areas of their life: personal, social, and professional. An entrepreneurial framework underlies all of these categories, fostering the skills needed to develop creative and effective solutions in all aspects of life. This area further seeks to foster positive human relations, unshakable personal character, and a lifelong commitment to transforming under-resourced communities into fully functional communities.

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Center for Engagement,
Entrepreneurship and Leadership
Student Union Building
Room 201

Kelsel Thompson
Dean, Student Talent Director
Room 201 D
(214) 379-5551

Dexter Evans
Civic Engagement Coordinator
Room 201 C
(214) 379-5431


Students enjoy the four-story accommodations of the Lucy Hughes Residence Hall. The dormitory rooms are arranged as suites, where two rooms are adjoined by one bathroom. Each room holds two beds and each bathroom has one shower and toilet. Both the building and each floor within are secured with card key access.

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Sh’Nita Mitchell

Director of Campus Life/Housing Officer
Lucy Hughes
302 (214) 379-5545


The vision of the Paul Quinn College Work Program is to transform ability into action and potential into achievement by encouraging all students to embrace the ideals of disciplined work, servant leadership, and initiative in preparation for lives of financial freedom, community engagement, and absolute integrity.

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Student organizations serve a vital role in helping students become productive citizens in a democratic society by providing experience in decisions-making and problem solving. Approved student organizations are an important component of student life at PQC, providing an opportunity for students to develop leadership skills and maintain a sense of connection to the community. All student organizations and activities are expected to have educational values complementary to those derived from the pursuit of formal credit courses. The full college experience aims to develop a foundation to construct a full and healthy lifestyle.

The goal is greatness. Greatness for you and those you will serve.